1. The following Terms & Conditions is applied effectively starting from Oct 1, 2009. All the previous Terms & Conditions are to be ignored.

2. It is a MUST for any account user of BOLAZOOM to agree with the all the Terms and Conditions determined by BOLAZOOM. Please take some times to read carefully and take note for all the Terms and Conditions written on BOLAZOOM website as well as those written on our affiliates’ websites. It is recommended that you first fully understand with all the Terms and Conditions before placing any bet or start playing through us. The Terms and Conditions may be revised from time to time without prior notification.

3. BOLAZOOM reserves the full rights to change any of the existing Terms and Conditions. Any change(s) on the Terms and Conditions shall be posted on our website.

4. All accounts created through BOLAZOOM should be ready to use from anywhere, despite of the prevailing rules applied in some countries or regions. In certain counties or regions, members may have to use Proxy and/or Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection in order to access BOLAZOOM.com and our affiliates’ websites. We have the full rights, without the obligation to provide any reason(s) – NOT to supply access to users in certain countries or regions.

5. To start playing any of the games and placing your bet, you need to open an account with BOLAZOOM first. Please contact our Customer Service through the multiple channels of communication provided on our website. All of your personal information shall be stored securely.

6. The minimum age requirement to open an account with BOLAZOOM is 18 years old of age or above.

7. Each member is responsible to secure the confidentiality of their login (username and password). Any usage of credit or any bet placed by a third party who fraudulently use the valid username or password shall be treated as legitimate transaction or wager.

8. Member(s) is/are able to make withdrawal at anytime if there is any credit balance available in the respective account.